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The Standard Scalar Session – 3 Protocols

The scalar energy instrument does not diagnose your condition. Tom Paladino created 3 protocols that are standard for everyone. The 3 protocols are:

  1. Pathogen Cleanse
    400,000 Pathogens Now Disassembled
    Delivered Monday – Sunday – 1 hour per session
  2. Nutrient Therapy
    334 Essential Nutrients Delivered
    Delivered Monday – Sunday – 22 hours per session.
  3. Chakra Balance
    What Does The Chakra Balance Do For Us?
    Delivered Monday – Sunday – 1 hour per session.

In addition to the Standard 3 Protocols:

Natural Foods Therapy

Natural Foods TherapyNatural Foods Therapy
Highly-magnified photographs of natural foods are utilized in conjunction with a high-powered scalar energy instrument in order to assemble plant chemicals inside the human body. Natural foods are not synthesized or chemically altered and thereby assure a pristine source of nutrition. Natural foods are a product of nature as these foods are created by God. Learn more about the Natural Foods Therapy – delivered Monday-Sunday – 1 hour per session – not included in the 15-day trial.

Addiction Cleanse Therapy

300x300-nocallAddiction Cleanse Therapy
Eradicates substance like sugar, pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs. Includes the 3 protocols from the standard scalar session. Learn more about the Addiction Cleanse Therapy – delivered Monday-Sunday – 1 hour per session – not included in the 15-day trial.

Fat Metabolism Therapy

Fat Metabolism Therapy
Learn more about the fat metabolism therapy – delivered Monday-Sunday – 12 hours per session – not included in the 15-day trial.

Male Hormone Therapy

Male Hormone – delivered Monday-Sunday – 24 hours per session – not included in the 15-day trial

Female Hormone Therapy

Female Hormone – delivered Monday-Sunday – 24 hours per session – not included in the 15-day trial

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How Scalar Energy Healing Works

In synopsis, scalar energy allows Tom Paladino to disassemble pathogens (take apart) that are harmful and to assemble nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Hence remote scalar energy sessions offer the means to control physical matter in order to improve your health in a fundamental fashion. There is no die-off of the pathogens – scalar energy transmutes the pathogen back to the original building block components of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, etc. All of this is done remotely via your photograph.

Your feedback is appreciated and you may feel free to ask questions as they arise. Thank you for being open-minded to remote scalar energy healing therapies and its potential to vastly improve human health.


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